Yorick van Vliet

Owner and solo developer of Skydome Studios. I have a bachelors degree in Media Technology which gives me a broad and all-round background in anything digital.

I’m capable of doing all parts of game development. Art, sound, programming, design, everything.

Of course sometimes I need the help of a specialist to get the best results, but I can create fully functional prototypes by myself in no time at all.



The Unity engine is my tool of choice. I have used Unity on a daily basis since 2009.

I have extensive knowledge and experience with physics, gameplay programming and optimizing content for performance.

I’ve worked on many different platforms and projects ranging from small prototypes to fully realistic 3D Simulators. If it can be done in Unity, I know how to do it!


Hire Me

Feel free to contact me if you think you can use my services.

I can assist with:
– C# Programming for Unity Projects.

– Virtual Reality design and implementation. I know the best practices and pitfalls of creating Virtual Reality content.

– Prototyping. I can deliver working prototypes for your ideas cheaply and quickly.