Audio Arena will be available on Rift Launch

It’s only 2 seconds, but it sure felt great to see Audio Arena in the Oculus Launch lineup movie.

In the past months I’ve been upgrading the graphics and implementing online and social highscores. And now it’s ready!
Audio Arena will be available for purchase as soon as the Oculus Store goes live on March 28th.

HD Trailer

Now I know Audio Arena isn’t what gamers have been waiting all those years for. And that’s ok, I don’t expect to get rich of this game.

I’m proud of what I made and still enjoy playing it today. I pushed myself, even quit my dayjob for this.
Because I know I couldn’t live with myself if the Oculus Rift launched without me.

Like Michael Abrash said in his Keynote speech: “These are the good old days”. I’m honored to be a small part of that.